What is "Kyoto"?

Spiral into audioreactive obscurity as you are transported to a mysterious and melancholy land. Kyoto is an interactive ambient musical experiment that serves is an homage to the wonderful city that I currently reside in.

This short and sweet game serves as half audioreactive experiment and half tech sandbox.


Download Now (Win32) - 7.1MB

Current build timestamp: May 22, 2012 (changelog)


More Info

The programming, art, and concept is by Eddie Lee. Sound design is by Jack Menhorn. Game design is by Jack Sanders.

"Kyoto" was developed using C++ and OpenGL from a game engine that I have been developing, called "FunkEngine". It has bindings to GameMonkey Script for quick development and uses fmod for sound.

Feel free to contact me at eddie@illogictree.com or follow me on Twitter @eddietree.

There is a DevLog and IndieDB entry of Kyoto. The game began development on Janurary 27th, 2012.

The game is produced and distributed for free as a labor of love from its developers. You can help support us by clicking on the donate button below: